Employee Assistance Program Approach

Access to rich information sources with the Employee Assistance Program

Digital and printed materials, event newsletters, usage reports, expert articles and much more

Advertising & Promotion

Effective promotion of the scope, tools and communication channels of services is essential for achieving the desired goals of the Employee Assistance Program to fully benefit employees and managers.


To increase awareness among employees and ensure the effective utilization of services:

  • We promote the services through digital and printed materials via employers’ internal communication channels.
  • We provide every employee with a detailed brochure and service card.
  • We regularly promote our services to help develop a habit of use.
  • Every employee is provided with an company-specific password to log in to the AVİTA Employee Assistance website. This way, employees can access detailed information via the internet.
  • Furthermore, employees receive monthly and weekly event news and newsletters, including different articles/research.


We hold meetings and notify managers via different channels to inform them on how to support and guide employees efficiently by sharing the details of the program and promoting the different tools and opportunities AVİTA provides.

Our Principles


Employees are not required to share their personal details to use the services. Personal details obtained during conversations is not shared with anyone, including the company paying for the services. Companies are only provided with limited and general statistical information on services.

Limitations on Services

The scope and limits of the AVİTA Employee Assistance Program, which can be customized by the company paying for the services, should be communicated in detail to employees to avoid misunderstandings and negative reactions due to misinformation.

Broad Scope

There is no limitation on the number of phone calls for the services under the scope of the program. Employees can call as much as they wish 24/7 to consult our experts. First-degree relatives can also use these services without limitation.