Employee Assistance Program Manager Tools

For managers and human resources professionals

We offer various services to support your management needs.

Manager Support Tools

AVİTA Employee Assistance Program offers specialized solutions on various topics that managers can actively use and offer support to their employees within the program, aiming to provide a high level of benefit to both employees and the organization.

When employees hesitate to share specific problems with their managers or where managers find it challenging to resolve shared issues, AVİTA ensures necessary support with its sensitivity to confidentiality and expert consultants.

Meeting Among Ourselves

Employees often need help finding the chance or being aware of what they experience, feel, or need amidst their daily responsibilities. The primary aim of 'Meeting Among Ourselves' is to help employees express themselves, listen to others, become aware of their underlying issues, and develop realistic solutions.

Coffee Break

We organize discussions under the 'Coffee Break' concept on various topics that employees are curious about and would like to seek advice on, as well as on subjects that you, as managers, believe would benefit your employees.

These sessions, conducted by our expert consultants, facilitate knowledge sharing on topics your employees need. Our 'Coffee Break' discussions provide an interactive format where employees can actively participate and share their experiences.

Crisis and Emergency Support

In instances of unforeseen workplace accidents, sudden loss, or natural disasters that could affect employees, managers can request in-house counseling support from our expert psychologists.

This minimizes the impact of crises within the company and enables employees to effectively cope with challenging situations through a robust support system.

Communication Consultancy

Communication consultancy aims to address the communication needs of human resources and internal communication departments regarding the introduction and adoption of AVİTA services by employees.

The service covers the employee lifecycle, involving the establishment of an annual communication strategy, preparation of an action plan, and the execution of design and content work within the specified scope.