Employee Assistance Program Manager Tools

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Avita Employee Assistance Program Manager Tools

The Employee Assistance Program Manager Tools is a service that offers consultancy on various subjects that aims to assist managers, employees and companies. Managers may actively use these to support their employees.

While protecting confidentiality, Avita supports managers with its expert consultants. This is ideal when employees do not wish to discuss their problems with their managers and/or when managers have a hard time dealing with these problems.

Direct Calls

Managers can call Avita to share their personal concerns, get support from our experts and prepare an action plan together to solve their problems.

Guiding Employees

Managers can utilize the expert advice they received from our experts to talk to their employees. They can also encourage employees to call the Employee Assistance Program to better cope with problems.

Request for “Tea Time with Avita”

Avita can arrange “Tea Time” events to help companies and teams resolve the issues they are currently facing across a range of topics, including non-work-related issues like being a working parent and establishing healthy communication with kids/teens. At these gatherings, focus groups meet and have a discussion.

Request for the Manager’s Guide

Important information on the significance of psychological support for managers and employees; tips on being a good manager; and a detailed explanation of the advantages the Avita Employee Assistance can offer managers, including advice on when and how to use them.

The Manager’s Guide is an important resource for managers whose companies utilize the services of the Avita Employee Assistance Program. You can call Avita to learn how to access the guide.

Click here to review the contents of the Manager’s Guide.

Avita Manager Steps – Orientation and Presentation

Entry-level and new managers can ask for information on the fundamentals of management.

Contents of the training:

  • Team Dynamics
  • Emotions in the Workplace
  • A Guide to Using the Employee Assistance Program

Crisis Management Support

It is very important to identify and minimize the effects that potential workplace crises (work accidents, sudden death, natural disasters, and so on) can have on companies and employees.

Managers can ask for onsite consultancy and support from Avita’s expert psychologists to minimize the effects potential crises have on employees.