Employee Assistance Program Services

Psychological Counseling

The phone counseling service is based on problem-focused intervention, and there is no limit on calls.

  • Work-life balance
  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Workplace relations
  • Personal problems due to work and workplace
  • Mobbing and violence
  • Emotional problems
  • Marriage, family and relationship problems
  • Alcohol/substance use, traumas
  • Loss, grief, bereavement and similar experiences

Face-to-Face or Online Psychological Counseling

We suggest face-to-face counseling for cases requiring deep analysis and direct our clients to a contracted psychologist. We offer a range of face-to-face counseling options to our counselees and decide on the best option together.

A specified number of face-to-face counseling sessions are covered by AVİTA

Problems you face in your work/personal life

We explore your difficult to confront problems with our contracted psychologists.

Legal Information

This service focuses on employees’ personal issues; legal issues that concern companies are out of the scope of this service.

By using this service, employees can receive instant answers to the legal concerns affecting them and their eligible family members. This eases their emotional burden and allows them to focus on their work instead.

This service is provided in accordance with the Attorneyship Law No. 1136. This service does not include issues related to labor law.
  • Issues related to credit cards
  • Issues about receivables, payables and legal rights
  • Execution procedures, bounced check and promissory notes tracking, grace periods
  • Consumer rights
  • Post-divorce rights and obligations
  • Inheritance and succession, bequest, rights of heirs, certificate of inheritance
  • Real estate purchases and sales
  • Landlord–tenant relations
  • Neighborhood rights, obligations and similar issues

Fiscal Information

This service does not include investment consulting and similar services.
  • Taxes
  • Retirement
  • Social security
  • Private insurance and similar issues

Medical Information

AVİTA’s medical counseling service offered by doctors and nurses includes the following.

The main services are as follows:

  • Information on hospital, clinics, doctors and other healthcare organizations
  • Centers and doctors for cases requiring specialization
  • Arrangement of appointments with doctors or healthcare centers
  • Health and first aid advice for travelers
  • General health- and nutrition-related information
  • Information and advice on family planning, pregnancy and prenatal period
  • Childcare advice
  • Advice on elderly, disabled and addiction care
  • Examination at home and similar issues…

Information on doctors and healthcare centers

We inform you of centers and doctors in cases requiring specialization.

Back & Neck Pain and Office Ergonomics

Employees can use this service to get information from our experts on office ergonomics and about their back and neck pain due to several reasons, especially postural defects.

  • Causes of pain
  • Office exercises
  • Basic information on ergonomics

Simple exercises

Our experts guide our clients on daily simple exercises.

Newborn Care Information

The scope of the service that offers support from expert nurses to help new mothers find answers to questions related to newborns after delivery is as follows:

  • Information on antenatal care
  • Newborn care at home
  • Nutrition tips for mothers
  • Babyproofing the house
  • House and baby’s room temperature
  • Bottle/pump preparation and cleaning
  • Easing baby gas pains
  • General health
  • Sleep & Bath

Always with you

Our expert nurses call you every 15 days during the first three months after delivery to check how you are doing.

Healthy Nutrition Counseling

Employees can get information on healthy nutrition from our dietitians.

  • Basic information on nutrition
  • Nutrients
  • Nutrients that our bodies need
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Meal and snack alternatives
  • Eating disorders
  • Informed eating
  • Basal metabolic rate

Healthy employees, healthy workplaces

Employees can request information on healthy living from our dietitians.

General Information

These services facilitate employees’ lives and save time. Clients can easily and quickly receive information thanks to the support provided.

  • Direct calls to important services (ambulance, fire department, natural gas, and so on)
  • Information on plane, bus, ferry, train tickets and reservation
  • Information on restaurants, hotels and events and reservation
  • Notifications for planned trips
  • Courier
  • Gift and flower delivery
  • Rental car with driver

Let us book your plane, bus, ferry and train

We comparison shop prices and offer alternative dates in line with your instructions


We inform employees on technical problems, installation, prices, legal consumer rights and possible problems related to technological devices.

  • Program and product installation
  • Software
  • System speed-up
  • Virus removal
  • Back-up
  • Email set-up

Life is easier

Our tech consultants solve your problems.

Veterinary Counseling

Employees can receive support 24/7 for pet-related issues from our expert vets.

  • Pet care
  • Vaccination
  • Pet food
  • Neutering

We help you with your pets.

House/Garden Plants Counseling

We support your employees in terms of scheduling their plant care and help them on their problems encountered during the plant care.

  • Indoor plant care
  • Ornamental plants
  • Landscape arrangement and design

Do you have questions about the care of your plants?

We are ready to help you on plant care at home or in the garden.