Employee Assistance Program

What is the Employee Assistance Program?

The Avita Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a 24/7 consultancy and information service accessible to employees and their cohabiting family members on potential causes of stress that they may wish to seek help with.

The program aims to help resolve personal or work-related problems faced by employees, the most valuable assets of any company. These problems affect employee performance and efficiency. The program helps employees keep their passion for their work, and ensures they make more valuable contributions to their companies.

  • Employees who worry less about their future find inner peace and satisfaction, and are more committed to their companies.
  • Since they can easily concentrate on their work, their performance and efficiency rise, resulting in great customer satisfaction and a stronger employer brand for companies.

History of the Employee Assistance Services

The Employee Assistance Program began in the United States at the end of 1960s. At first, various practices, such as support groups among colleagues and units established to combat workplace alcohol and drug abuse, failed to meet expectations due to their limited scope.

In the early 1970s, companies started to broaden the scope of the EAP by considering other problems that may impact a person’s life and by focusing on legal, economic, emotional and marital issues. These programs encouraged employees to use these services earlier in their careers, offered support rather than judgment, and offered effective solutions for those trying to overcome their substance or alcohol addictions.

In the 1980s, institutions offering professional EAPs, which are similar to today’s programs, were established.

Offering the first Employee Assistance Program in Turkey, Avita has adopted the universal standards and codes of conduct for its EAP.

Holistic System

The program is a holistic system offering complementary services for employees and managers, and periodic assessments reports to the management.

24/7 Consultancy and Information Services for Employees

We offer services 24/7 through our wide service network, dedicated software and IT infrastructure, and well-equipped call center and seasoned team.

Our services are financed by companies and made available to employees and their eligible family members free of charge. All services are provided in accordance with international standards and codes of conduct and are based on confidentiality, trust and cooperation with companies.

Our staff includes experienced clinical psychologists, doctors, legal consultants and advisors.

Management Support Tools

The Avita Employee Assistance Program provides managers with tools they can actively use and offer support for many issues, including those that concern employees.

» For detailed information, please visit our Manager Tools page.

Periodic Assessments and Reporting to Management

Avita provides companies’ management teams with feedback, expert opinions and suggestions to help them prevent problems. Reports do not include any personal details.