Expat Employee Assistance Services

Avita Expat Employee Assistance offers complementary services including 24/7 support and an information line, and basic two-day orientation training that provides expat employees and their families with all necessary information.

Help and Support Services for House Issues

We direct the closest service providers to help expats and their families with their daily domestic needs (TV, antenna, plumbing systems, windows, heating, locksmith, home appliances, and so on).

Medical Information and Assistance Services

We dispense medical advice over the phone, send an ambulance or doctor to your house, or guide you to the closest healthcare facility. We also provide domestic and international patient transport services when needed.

Legal Counseling

We inform you on what needs to be done in case of emergencies (traffic accidents, purse-snatching, burglary, and so on).

Onsite Assistance and Companion

We send companions and translators to help you when needed (accidents, hospital stays, procedures at police stations, courts, and so on).

Information and Concierge

We provide you with emergency phone numbers and inform you on taxi, plane, hotel, restaurant reservations, and so on.

Personal Records

When required, we share the following confidential information obtained from expat employees with themselves or those they have designated:

  • Medical information (blood type, previous diseases, family physician in their native country, and so on)
  • Emergency contact list
  • Important phone numbers (passport, tax, identification, phone, IMEI numbers, and so on)