Healthy Workplace Program

Healthy-living culture in institutions

We aim to develop a strong culture with our service that emphasizes health.

What is the Healthy Workplace Program?

The Healthy Workplace Program focuses on education, personal care, the prevention of diseases and an overall lifestyle regulation.

The Healthy Workplace Program aims to:

  • Improve general health and encourage the development of a healthy physique,
  • Improve morale and foster a positive attitude,
  • Promote team spirit,
  • Increase productivity and commitment
  • Reduce employee turnover, absenteeism and work-related accidents.

The AVİTA Healthy Workplace Program provides companies with two products: Ideal Weight Management and Selffit.

Health comes first

The foods and beverages we consume, our habits, sleep quality, training sessions, environment, choices and lifestyle are the key elements that significantly impact our health. In short, our health is what we make of it!

  • Unhealthy habits and nutrition cause 30 percent of cancer deaths.
  • Additionally, 90 percent of all cancers are caused by environmental and lifestyle factors.
  • A healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of chronic disease-related deaths by 36 percent.
  • The risk of cardiovascular diseases can be significantly reduced by adopting a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

The AVİTA Healthy Workplace Program is an extensive program that aims to raise awareness of healthy living habits.


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