Expat Employee Assistance

What is the Expat Employee Assistance?

Expat Employee Assistance aims to assist expat employees who are to embark on a career path in Turkey and their families in their new lives.

We help expat employees and their families adapt to Turkey with socio-cultural orientation programs and 24/7 support services. The Program helps families maintain their living standards.

Different country, different culture

Being in a different country and culture can cause extra stress to expat employees and their families.

Uncertainties and unexpected situations cause stress and worry for all of us. This particularly applies to expat employees, who strive to develop themselves and offer good standards to their families in a new country.

Fortunately, beginning this process with an introduction, the right training and guidance, and providing ongoing help and support will help expat employees and their families overcome many difficulties easily.

We help you adapt

We help expat employees comfortably adapt to a new country and culture.